WP Starter

WordPress whole-site Composer packages has never been so easy.

WP Starter is the easiest and fastest way to bootstrap WordPress sites entirely based on Composer.

System Requirements


MIT. See LICENSE file.



Contributions are very welcome.

Suggested flow:

  • Open an issue to discuss the fix / improvement. Might not be needed for trivial things.
  • Fork the repo and create a feature/bug-fix branch from dev branch. For trivial changes you might want to work directly on forked dev branch.
  • Send a PR to dev branch

Security Issues

If you have identified a security issue, please email giuseppe.mazzapica [at] gmail.com and do not file an issue as they are public.

Question? Issues?

WP Starter is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to open issues there for suggestions, questions and real issues.

Who's Behind

I'm Giuseppe, I deal with PHP since 2005. For questions, rants or chat ping me on Twitter (@gmazzap) or on "The Loop" (Stack Exchange) chat. Well, it's possible I'll ignore rants.

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