Command-line Interface

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The wpstarter Command

By default, WP Starter runs every time composer update or composer install is run, including the very first time a project dependencies are installed.

Sometimes might be desirable to only perform WP Starter steps (according to configuration) without also updating Composer dependencies.

This can be obtained via the wpstarter Composer command.

composer wpstarter

Command Options and Arguments

What shown above is just the simplest form of the command that tells WP Starter to run all the steps, including those in custom-scripts setting, but skipping those in skip-steps setting.

By running composer help wpstarter it is possible to obtain more info about the command option and arguments. The output (stripped from “generic” Composer options) is something like:

  Run WP Starter workflow.

  wpstarter [options] [--] [<steps>]...

  steps                     Which steps to run (or to skip).
                            Separate step names with a space.
      --skip                Enable opt-out mode: provided steps names
                            are those to skip, not those to run.
      --skip-custom         Skip any step defined in "custom-steps" setting.
      --ignore-skip-config  Ignore "skip-steps" config.
      --list-steps          List available steps.

Customizing steps to run (“opt-in” mode)

The first thing to notice is that it is possible to pass an array of step to run, by listing them after the command, for example:

composer wpstarter publishcontentdev wpcli

In the example above only “publishcontentdev” and “wpcli” steps would be executed.

Skip (“opt-out” mode)

By using the --skip option it is possible to run the command in “opt-out” mode: the list of step names provided to command, are those to be skipped, and not those to be run.

This is useful when the steps to skip are less than the steps to run.

Note that when using this option, one or more step names are required. By running the command with only --skip but no step names, will make the command fail.

composer wpstarter --skip publishcontentdev wpcli

In the example above, WP starter would run all the default steps, plus all custom steps, but skipping both “publishcontentdev”, “wpcli” and also skipping any step listed in the skip-steps config.

Skip custom

Sometimes might be desirable to only run the default steps, skipping those that are listed in custom-steps setting.

This could surely be obtained by using the option --skip and then listing all the step names present in the config, but can be done in a simpler way via the --skip-custom flag.

For example:

composer wpstarter --skip-custom

The command above would have the same effect of:

composer wpstarter --skip step-one step-two

assuming that “step-one” and “step-two” are all the steps listed in the custom-steps setting.

Note that this flag is ignored when running in the “opt-in” mode (i.e. listing one or more steps without using the --skip flag). Reason is opt-in mode takes precedence over opt-out mode, so if the command is run like:

composer wpstarter step-one --skip-custom

“step-one” will be run, even if it is a custom step listed in the custom-steps setting.

Ignore skip config

The flag --ignore-skip-config tells WP Starter to don’t take into account the skip-steps configuration.

It can be used alone:

composer wpstarter --ignore-skip-config

Which means run all the default steps, plus the custom steps, no matter what is in the skip-steps configuration.

Or can be used in combination with --skip and --skip-custom. For example:

composer wpstarter --ignore-skip-config --skip wpcli

means run all the default steps, plus the custom steps, but don’t run “wpcli” step. Or even:

composer wpstarter --ignore-skip-config --skip-custom --skip wpcli

which basically means run only all the default steps except just “wpcli”.

Note that this option does nothing when in “opt-in” mode: when a series of step to run are provided those are always run, so the skip-steps config is already ignored.

Note on simplest command form

The simples form of the command:

composer wpstarter

has to be considered as “opt-out” form where no step are selected to be skipped, rather than “opt-in” form where no step has been selected to run. This is why ` –ignore-skip-config and –skip-custom` can be used as the only option even if it has been said those are ignored in “opt-in” mode.

Command-only steps

The step names passed as arguments to wpstarter command in “opt-in” mode must be recognized as valid steps to be run.

Which means that they are either default steps or steps added to custom-steps configuration.

In both cases those steps would also be run every time Composer installs or updates dependencies or when the wpstarter command is run on its simplest form.

Sometimes, however, it might be desirable run some steps on demand (“opt-in” mode) but not to run them after every Composer install or update.

That can be obtained by adding steps to command-steps setting, which format is identical to custom-steps.

That setting has the exact same format of custom-steps setting, but steps added to command-steps are only taken into account when running the command in “opt-in” mode, allowing for “picking” them explicitly.

For example, imagine a custom step that runs yarn for each package of type “wordpress-plugin” or “wordpress-theme” of a given specific vendor. Such script could be written without making a WP Starter step, but using WP Starter is convenient because it provides an:

  • easy way access to relevant paths
  • easy way to find target packages, thanks to WP Starter PackageFinder object
  • easy (and OS-agnostic) way to run shell processes via WP Starter SystemProcess object built on top of Symfony Process component.

What’s relevant here about such step class would be:

namespace MyCompany\MyProject;

class YarnStep implements \WeCodeMore\WpStarter\Step\Step {
    // ...
    public function name(): string {
        return 'yarn';
    // ...

Adding this step to command-steps setting like this:

    "command-steps": {
        "yarn": "MyCompany\\MyProject\\YarnStep"

It would be possible to run:

composer wpstarter yarn

and run the step on demand, ignoring the step when WP Starter runs after Composer install/update or even when the command is run in “opt-out” mode.

Note that steps in command-steps can be combined in “opt-in” mode with other steps, either default or custom. For example:

composer wpstarter yarn wpcli step-one

will run the three steps with no issue.

Listing commands

composer wpstarter --list-steps

Does execute nothing, but lists all available steps, including custom, but excluding those disabled in config or explicitly passed using the --skip flag.

Can be used in combination with other flags like --skip, --skip-custom, and --ignore-skip-config.